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UltiPro provides instant and secure access to the employees of business that registered for viewing up-to-date information and accessing other related tools. Accordingly, managers can make informed decisions and take instant action with real-time data synchronization.

Through this online solution, employees can able to check out the updated information including their personal HR and pay information, request time off, communicate with the co-workers, and much more. It makes easier for managers to respond to the employee requests with the ability to receive push notifications. 

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UltiPro focuses on people in everything the organization does and built the comprehensive capabilities and simplicity to make your life more easier. It offers you tools to manage the every workforce in such a way that recruit and retain a high-performing workforce. If you're an employee at UltiPro, you can able to get benefits from the company such as HR, Payroll, and talent management in a single integrated solution which seamlessly connects the people globally with the provided information and resources they need to work more effectively.

Ultipro Login - Employee Instructions

login lets the users who are active and separated from the organization to access the services. It has been provided the updated information which is especially useful for employees that included schedules, pay information, tax forms, and other relevant data. You can follow some simple easy steps to log into your account such as:
  • Initially, you're required to visit the website ultipro.com
  • Once you've have UltiPro Login page, you can enter your user name and password. Your user name must contains your last name plus the last four digits of SSN number.
  • For suppose, if workplace employee login having more than one last name like young-smith, they can enter in the format of integrating both the names without any spaces or special characters. 
  • The default password is your birth date which you've provided during your employee joining process. 

In this way, you can easily log into the account on ultipro.com without facing any hassles out. 

Changing the Password

If you want to change the password or first time you're logging into the account, you can click on change password option. When you're logging into the first time, it will be prompted you to choose a new password. The new password length should be in between 8 to 15 characters and at least it includes one capital letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character. 

Once you've set up the password or entered the password, you will be asked to answer for three questions to accomplish the process. After that, it enables you to use forgot password to reset your password going forward. If you're logged into the account, you will come to view the home page of UltiPro. In the home page, you can see two options like Myself and My company.

 The important note is that if you're a manager, you can able to find additional menu options. If you're locked out and need assistance for logging into the account, you can contact the customer associates through the email service. 

UltiPro Services

If you're running a large organization with large number of employment base and not able to manage the workforce or having a start-up company, you can discover the optimized solution with the help of it which is one provider and one place for all the things. 

It offers you HR, payrool, and talent management software which suit for your work force management. To transform your workforce into UltiPro, you need not only HCM technology but also the people and services behind it. 

It treats its customers as partners for life to avoid the long-term success during the HR technology process. It offers you a wide range of services to help you grow and transform your organization. Available services under included managed services, payment services, ACA employer services, check printing, and print services.

Managed Services

These services has cloud solutions for top human resource functions. By making partnership with the Ultimate Software, you remain in control of your business while taking the advantage of Ultimate's industry experts in order to handle all of your business and administrative sources and allows to focus on your people and strategic initiatives. The main benefits from this online solution included:
  • Once you've registered for partnership with the Ultimate Software company, you can able to receive comprehensive and personalized services and support with more efficacy. 
  • To extend your HR organization, you can rely on Ultimate's experts to get more effective solutions. 
  • With the Ultimate's experiences and best practices, you can gain the increased quality and accuracy. 
  • It ensures that continuous process and operational improvement for your organization. 
  • It lets you to focus on strategic and non-tactical initiatives. 
  • Helps to gain enhanced efficiencies and ability to handle the complex operations. 

Human Resource Management

It managed services can help you to meet the unique organizational needs such as garnishment managed services,  payroll login managed services, benefits managed services, and application services. 

Additional Services

The company always strives to provide the best in-class HR organizations by providing different services such as best practice identification and deployment, overall business improvement, change management, HCM thought leadership, and compliance and process documentation. 

UltiPro ACA Employer Services

ACA Employer services essentially helpful for employees to manage the ACA compliance related activities, filing, reporting, and much more. It can file the related documents electronically for your organization and allows you to focus more on strategic initiatives. 

Along with the tools and reports included in ACA toolkit, it provides you different ACA distribution services which subsumed electronic filing of tax forms, printing and distribution of employee required forms, and assigned ACA representative. It makes easier to comply with the ACA regulations to initiate a new employer services. If you need any assistance for getting employer services, you can contact the company's representative to clear your issues. 

Payment Services

Under payment services, you can gain the advantage of easier tax filing for your organization. That means, it protects your business from filing errors by transferring the responsibility of remitting tax files and payment to the higher professionals who having more years of experience. 

So that, you can time and enjoy the freedom from administration that your payroll taxes are paid and filed accurately on time and every time. The tax filing includes:
  • Files all monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports via paper, e-data, or magnetic media. 
  • It deposits federal, state, and local tax liabilities for over 1300 tax codes through the electronic funds transfer or check. 
  • Researches and responds to agency inquiries. 
  • Balances quarter to date and year-to-date deposits to liabilities to make sure that the payments are accurate. 
  • Generates and payments all amended returns. 
  • Provides tax returns reports which are prior to the due date for your review. 
  • It delivers reconciliation summaries and copies of all filed returns. 
  • In order to assist you in reporting the employees that work in multiple locations under one employment, it offers multi-work site reporting to the appropriate states. 

Wage Attachment Disbursement

The organizations needed to process the third-party payments on their behalf of employees with the use of wage attachment disbursement. They can get the services like child support, tax levies, and other creditor garnishments. 

It can effectively streamline the process and easily manage the payment process. It utilized the provided information and determines on UltiPro. You may not need to analyze the payment process and disbursement schedules for multiple positions. It automatically choose the payment system according to the files and reaches the destinations within the designed time frame. 

Print Services

Ultimate company provides the services to print and seal year-end tax forms for your employees. It will send these forms either to your organization or to individuals' directly. It provides you up-to-date print services that included from receipt of year-to-year end files to shipment of the tax forms to your company throughout the process. With the use of print services, you can gain different kinds of benefits such as:
  • It facilitates convenient, cost-effective, and secure year-end printing and delivery for your employees' tax forms. 
  • Quality control and compliance forms which are required one to deliver by mandated deadlines. 
  • W-2s for the United States and for Canada for immediate employee distribution. 
  • It has an option to have sending emails including year-end tax forms to you or to your employees. 
  • Through the direct mail option, it will send the year-end tax forms to your employees. 

If you're an employee of a business , you can able to get tax forms under UltiPro Login and go to Myself, pay, and W2s or else contact your HR or payroll team for more information. 

Check Printing

Let's say, if your organization has not included enough resources or bandwidth for internal payroll check printing, you can consider UltiPro check printing service which is a perfect online solution to meet the organizational needs. 

It is flexible and easy to use. It allows you to increase the time, money, and resources while maintaining pay check security and delivery schedules. You can simply process your payroll at ultipro.com through Login and checks are printed to you. It will return your prints at your convenience of location. The check-printing features subsumed:
  • 48-hour turnaround in order to reach specific payroll requirements. 
  • Multiple levels of shipping information. 
  • You can check out the stock with built-in security features like endorsement lines, microline boarders, and watermarks. 

UltiPro HCM Features

It collaborates all aspects of Ultipro payroll, HR, and other management services in one comprehensive cloud platform which delivers effective solutions for your organization and the most human capital functionality available for users. 

UltiPro HCM features involved human resources, payroll administration, tax management, and compliance, learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning, talent management, mobile app, business or employee portal, time, attendance, and scheduling, time management, recruiting, time clocks, performance management, succession management, comprehension management, predictive analytics tool, position management, and other additional HCM solutions. 

Human Resources

With the UltiPro human resources effective solution, you can easily track all human capital management information about your employees that included employee information, benefits information, employment history, performance history, and more. 

Payroll Administration, Tax Management, and Compliance

It handles hundreds of payroll related computations in the United States and Canadian dollars without any need of side calculations or expensive programming. With the one-click access, you can get all your payroll data for fast and efficient processing. From payroll gateway, you can see your payroll calendar and pay dates. 

Accordingly, choose your pay group for payroll processing, check payroll setup, review processing status, and payroll results, and check out the reports. By using this service, you can simplify the process and configure your own payroll model by making a series of bundle steps into a one easier step. The steps included for processing the payroll calculation such as:
  • It automatically retrieves the data and time of payroll for payroll processing. 
  • Issuing off-cycle checks or voiding payments instantly. 
  • Calculate the pay including gross to net very easily. 
  • It generates the direct deposit files, pay checks, and direct deposits for federal US companies or banks. 
  • Estimating and tracking retroactive pay under payroll processing. 
  • It has a feature of tracking a payroll service online. 

As it delivers the efficient solutions for payroll checking, it has been provided the services to U.S Federal and Canadian banks with provincial or territory tax updates automatically on behalf of its core solution. So that, you can avoid the payment for or work with the third-party tax service. It is specifically useful for organizations to handle tax compliance and computations easily without any struggles. It has incorporated the Smart Tax Search tool which reduces the complexities and errors associated with the assigning taxes. Based on this embedded solution, it automatically estimates the federal, state, and local payroll tax. With this service, you can save time and easily manage the HR and payroll teams in your company.